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Storekeeper (Warehouse Management) Job Code
Position Description

1.    Receiving Good (收貨)

2.    Identification and Sorting (鑑定&整理)

3.    Dispatching to Storage (出貨)

4.    Placing in storage (貨物放置)

5.    Storage (保管)

6.    Retrieval from Storage (糾正存貨)

7.    Order accumulation (進出貨訂單累積)

8.    Packing (包裝)

9.    Cleaning (倉庫清潔保持)

10. Record Keeping (記錄保存)

Minimum Requirements
Equivalent experience with 2 years or more of Warehouse related.
Qualifications Desired
1. Responsible for maintaining a record of all receipts of various items ordered and also of items delivered from the store. 2. To organize and store the items in such a way that they are protected from damage due to dust, water, leakage, explosions, theft, etc., as also in a manner that affords easy reach of the items to authorized persons. 3. To work out the requirement of items from time to time and ensure that the purchase dept. places orders so that no stock out position is faced. 4. To control the inventory of the items in the store so that the optimum inventory is maintained without resulting in loss of production due to non-availability of items. 5. Coordinator between the production, finance, and accounts departments in respect of store items. 6. Takes periodic review of non-moving or slow-moving items, analyzes the causes therefore, and takes steps to dispose of these items. 7. Receiver of ordered items, a storekeeper also coordinates with the material quality control department so that only items of the approved quality are received and accepted. 8. Maintains a record of all transactions pertaining to the store and provides the necessary reports to the concerned departments as a part of management information system of the organization.
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