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Part Number VIN (V)VOUT (V)Output PortsIq (uA)PSRREnable PinVDROPOUT (mV)*Output CurrentAccuracy (%)Package TypeCross Reference
A61501.8 to 8.01.2 to 5.012565dB@1kHzYes200mV@100mA150mA±2SOT-25 SC70-5 XC6205 XC6212 RT9013A
A6151Up to 182.8/3.6/4.01240dB@1kHz-100mV@1mA100mA±2SOT89-3HT75XX
A62501.5 to 8.01.2 to 6.013--400mV@250mA250mA±2SOT-23TPV707 XC6206
A63032.0 to 6.01.0 to 4.513570dB@1kHzYes300mV@300mA300mA±2SOT-25 SC70-5 DFN4(1x1)TPV702 XC6209 XC6219
A63182.0 to 6.0Adj19078dB@1kHzYes210mV@300mA300mA±2SOT-25MP8801 MP8802
A6500Up to 8.01.2 to 4.517566dB@100HzYes460mV@500mA500mA±2SOT-25XC6214 RT9013 RT9049
A65011.8 to 9.01.5 to 6.01850dB@1kHz-500mV@500mA500mA±2SOT89-3XC6214
A67002.0 to 7.01.0 to 5.013060dB@1kHzYes50mV@100mA700mA±2SOT-25 SOT89-5XC6210
A61151.5 to 6.0 1.5/1.8/3.3110070dB@100Hz-300mV@1.5A1.5A±2SOT-223RT9176 RT9183/A
A6305Up to 6.01.5 to 4.522073dB@100HzYes160mV@300mA300mA±2SOT-26XC6419 RT9011
A6303A2.0 to 6.01.2 to 5.019072dB@1kHzYes210mV@300mA300mA±2SOT-23 SOT-25 SC70-5 XC6211 XC6212 RT9013 RT9198
A6300A2.0 to 6.01.2 to 5.019078dB@1kHzYes210mV@300mA300mA±2SOT-23 SOT-25XC6204 XC6209 RT9193
A65051.2 to 6.01.2 to 4.523072dB@1kHzYes80mV@150mA500mA±2SOT-26
A61102.5 to 6.01.0 to 5.017070dB @100Hz-350mV@1A1A±2TO-252 SOT-223TPS7370 G1117 AP2114
A6120Max. 18V       1.2/1.8/2.5/3.3/5.013--850mV@1.5A2A±2SOT-223 TO-252
A6500A2.0 to 6.01.0 to 4.513072dB@1kHzYes80mV@150mA500mA±2SOT-25XC6214 RT9013 RT9049
A63062.0 to 6.01.0 to 4.412574dB@100HzYes360mV@300mA300mA±2DFN4(1x1)Rp114x
A6250A1.5 to 8.01.1 to 5.51118dB@1kHz-430mV@200mA250mA±2SOT-23 SOT-25 SOT89-3XC6206
A63011.8 to 9.01.2 to 6.01450dB@1kHz-160mV@100mA300mA±2SOT-23 SOT89-3
A63042.0 to 7.01.0 to 5.012070dB@10kHzYes300mV@100mA300mA±2SOT-25
A6304A2.0 to 7.01.5 to 5.017070dB@10kHzYes300mV@100mA300mA±2SOT-25 SC70-5XC6223 AP7343Q TCR3DF MCP1812A
A6151AUp to 183.0/3.3/5.01240dB@1kHz-100mV@1mA100mA±2SOT89-3 TO-92HT75XX
A6250C1.8 to 6.01.2 to 5.01240dB@1kHz-160mV @50mA250mA±2SOT-23 SOT89-3XC6206
A6318A2.0 to 6.0Adj(0.8~)13050dB@1kHzYes300mV@100mA300mA±1.5SOT-25MP8801 MP8802
A6110A2.0 to 8.01.5 to 5.013060dB@1kHzYes50mV@100mA1A±2SOT-25 SOT89-5
A6301A1.8 to 7.01.2 to 6.01550dB @1kHzYes160mV @100mA300mA±2SOT-23 SOT-25 SOT89-3
A65404.75 to 403.3/3.6/5.01645db @100Hz-300mV @100mA500mA±2SOT89-3
A6303B1.5 to 6.01.0 to 4.515068dB @1kHzYes210mV @300mA300mA±2TSOT-23 SOT-25 DFN4(1x1)NCP115 NCP114
A65163.0 to 161.2 to 5.0110-Yes1200mV@500mA500mA±2SOT-25XC6202
A61413.0 to 401.2 to 5.012.5-Yes400mV @100mA150mA±2SOT-25 SOT89-3
A6201A2.5 to 161.2 to 5.013--418mV @200mA250mA±2SOT-23 SOT89-3RT9165 XC6202
A6303C2.2 to 5.51.5/1.8/2.8/3.0/3.317071dB @1kHzYes230mV @300mA300mA±2SOT-23 SOT-25 SC70-5 DFN4(1x1)TPV702 XC6209 XC6219
A63072.0 to 6.02.7/2.8/3.317070dB @1kHzYes300mV @100mA300mA±2SOT-25
A6110B1.5 to 6.01.2 to 5.0110065dB @1kHzYes200mV @800mA1A±2SOT-25
A6303D1.8 to 5.51.5/3.314583db@1kHzYes130mV@300mA350mA±2SOT-25 SC70-5 DFN4(1x1)
A6303EMax. 5.51.2 to 3.310.847dB @100HzYes150mV @100mA300mA±2%SOT-25 DFN4(1x1)
A6110C2.0 to 7.00.9 to 5.013060dB@1kHzYes70mV@100mA1A±2SOT-25 SOT89-5
A60401.8 to 40-12.540dB @1kHz-150mV @10mA70mA±1SOT-23 SOT89-3 TO-92
A62303.0 to 28-11.550dB @10kHz-100mV @10mA150mA±2SOT-23 SOT-25 SOT89-3 TO-92
A6301B2.0 to 7.01.2 to 6.016060dB @10kHzYes180mV @100mA300mA±1PSOP8 DFN10(3X3)
A61552.0 to 6.01.2 to 5.0290 x 270dB @1kHzYes220mV @300mA300mA ±2SOT-26XC6401
A6305D2.0 to 7.0-112070dB @1kHz-200mV @100mA300mA±2SOT-26
A6318B2.5 to 6.0Adj1550dB @1kHz-300mVm @100mA500mA±2SOT-25 SOT89-5SGM2032
A6500B1.8 to 5.51.0 to 3.5145-83dB @1kHzYes80mV @150mA500mA±2SOT-25 DFN4(1x1)XC6214 RT9013 RT9049 JW7805
A66182.5 to 6.0Adj(0.8~5.0)14060dB @1kHzYes170mV @300mA600mA±2SOT-25
A6110D1.8 to 7.0--540dB @10kHz-60mV @100mA1A±2SOT-23
A6115A1.8 to 7.0-1840dB @10kHz-70mV @100mA1.5A±2TO-220
A6310A2.5 to 6.0-15050dB @10kHz-180mV @3A3000mA±1.5PSOP8 DFN10(3X3)
A6310B2.5 to 6.0-15050dB @10kHz-180mV @3A3000mA±1.5PSOP8 DFN10(3X3)
A6501A2.0 to 6.01.5 to 4.512073dB @100Hz-160mV@300mA500mA±2SOT89-3RT9162
*Output Current: Per Output
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