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Part Number VIN (V)VDET (V)Iq (uA)Reset Active StateDelay Time Built-InCMOSNMOS Open DrainPackage TypeCross Reference
A4805Up to 222.4 to 7.03LOW--YSOT89-3S808
A48060.7 to 8.01.0 to 6.02LOW-YYSOT-23MAX808 XC61F
A48091.2 to 6.02.63 / 2.934.5LOWYYYSOT-23SR3111 S808
A48101.1 to 5.52.63/2.932LOWYY-SOT-23 SOT-23SMAX809
A48040.7 to 103.00.5LOW--YSOT-23MAX808
A48120.7 to 8.0Adj4LOW(CMOS) HIGH(NMOS)-YYSC70-5-
A4809C0.7 to 6.02.63/2.931.2LOWYY-SOT-23R3111 S808
A48142.0 to 6.5NC(PROGRAMMABLE)8----SOT-26
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