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Part Number VIN (V)Polarity WireROM SIZEPackage TypeCross Reference
A24C021.7 to 5.522k bitsSOP8/TSSOP8/ DFN8/ DIP8/ TSOT-25AT24C02
A24C041.7 to 5.524k bitsSOP8/ TSSOP8/ DFN8/ TSOT-25AT24C04
A24C08 1.7 to 5.528k bitsSOP8/ TSSOP8/ DFN8/ DIP8/ TSOT-25 AT24C08
A24C161.7 to 5.5216k bitsSOP8/ TSSOP8/ DFN8/ DIP8/ TSOT-25AT24C16
A24C321.7 to 5.5232k bitsSOP8/ TSSOP8/ DFN8/ DIP8/ CSP4/ TSOT-25AT24C32
A24C2561.7 to 5.52256k bitsSOP8/ TSSOP8/ DFN8/ DIP8/ TSOT-25AT24C256
A24C5121.7 to 5.52512k bitsSOP8/ TSSOP8/ DFN8/ DIP8/ TSOT-25AT24C512
A24CM011.7 to 5.521024k bitsSOP8/ TSSOP8/ DFN8/ DIP8AT24CM01
A24C641.7 to 5.5264k bitsSOP8/ TSSOP8/ DFN8/ DIP8/ TSOT-25AT24C64
A24C1281.7 to 5.52128k bitsSOP8/ TSSOP8/ DFN8/ DIP8/ TSOT-25AT24C128
A24CM022.6 to 5.522048k bitsSOP8/ TSSOP8/ DIP8AT24CM02
A25CM012.8 to 5.5SPI1024k bitsSOP8/CSP825C1024
A25CM022.8 to 5.5SPI2048k bitsSOP8/CSP825C2048
A34C021.7 to 3.622k bitsTSSOP8/DFN8AT34C02
A34C041.7 to 3.624k bitsDFN8AT34C04
A24G641.7 to 5.5264k bitsCSP424SA64
A24G1281.7 to 5.52128k bitsCSP424SA128
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