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Part Number VIN (V)ROM SIZEPackage TypeCross Reference
A25D052.7 to 3.6512kbitSOP8 TSSOP8MX25L512E
A25D102.7 to 3.61MbitSOP8 TSSOP8MX25L1026E
A25D162.7 to 3.616MbitSOP8 TSSOP8MX25L1606E
A25D202.7 to 3.62MbitSOP8 TSSOP8 DFN8(2x3)MX25L2006E
A25D402.7 to 3.64MbitSOP8 TSSOP8 DFN8(2x3)MX25L4006E
A25D802.7 to 3.68MbitSOP8 TSSOP8MX25L8006E
A25Q162.7 to 3.616MbitSOP8 DFN8(5x6)MX25L1635E
A25Q322.7 to 3.632MbitSOP8 DFN8(5x6)MX25L3235E W25Q32FV
A25Q642.7 to 3.664MbitSOP8 DFN8(5x6)MX25L6435E W25Q64JVSSIQ S25FL064L
A25Q1282.7 to 3.6128MbitSOP8 DFN8(5x6) SOP16GD25B128E S25FL127S AT25SF128A-SHBHD-T
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