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Part Number Power W@5VChannelPSRR dB@1kHzClassShutdown FunctionOther FunctionSupply Voltage(V)Package TypeCross Reference
A22111.25W@8Ω183ABYes-2.2 to 5.5MSOP8LM4689 TPA6211
A22031.10W@8Ω160ABYes-2.2 to 5.5MSOP8 SOP8LM4890 LM4990
A23232.65W@4Ω170/217 HzDYes-2.5 to 5.5FC-9TPA2010 NCP2820
A23272.60W@4Ω175DYes-2.5 to 5.5MSOP8 SOP8 DFN8TPA2005
A22121.30W@8Ω163ABYes-2.2 to 5.5CSP9LM4990 NCP2890
A22301.10W@8Ω161ABYes-2.5 to 5.5SOP8LM4871
A241010.00W@8Ω/12V260DYes-4.0 to 12PTSSOP28TPA3110
A2203A1W162ABActive Low-2.2 to 5.5MSOP8 SOP8
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