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Part Number VIN (V)ModulationLoad CurrentIqVOUT (V)Efficiency (%)Frequency (kHz)Package
A71162.5 to 6.8PWM Sync700mA40uAAdj (0.6~5)961500SOT-25 XC9216 RT8008
A7142Up to 40PWM Async2A5mA5.0 Adj (1.23~37)80150SOP8 PSOP8LM2593
A7596Up tp 40PWM Async3A5mA5.0, Adj(1.23~37)90150TO263-5LM2596
A71212.5 to 6.0PWM Sync2A300uAAdj951200PMSOP10 DFN10(3x3)AAT1153
A71312.5 to 5.5PWM Sync3A40uAAdj(0.6~Vin-0.3V)951500PSOP8
A72304.75 to 18PWM Sync3A1.3mAAdj(0.925~15)95370PSOP8MPS1484 RT8293
A72204.3 to 18PWM Sync2A1.3mAAdj(0.918~14)95340SOP8 PSOP8RT9285
A71122.6 to 7.0PWM Sync1.5A50uAAdj-1500SOT-25 DFN6(2x2)-
A71152.5 to 6.5PWM Sync1.5A300uAAdj961500SOT-25MP2128
A7121A2.7 to 6.0PWM/PFM Sync2A60uAAdj(0.6~)971000SOT-25 SOT-26
A733010 to 30PWM Async3.5A880uAAdj91125PSOP8
A743110 to 36PWM Async3A2.5mAAdj(~12)91125PSOP8
A7122A2.5 to 5.5PWM Sync2A50uAAdj(0.6~VIN)971300SOT-26 SOT-25
A7230A4.2 to 16PWM Sync4A500uAAdj95500PSOP8MP1484
A7431A10 to 36PWM Async3A3mAAdj(~12)91230PSOP8
A72224.2 to 18PWM/PFM Sync2A500uAAdj96500SOT-26MP1470
A74426.0 to 40PWM Sync4.2A500uAAdj(3.4~13)95130PSOP8
A7406A4.2 to 40PWM/PSM Async600mA230uAAdj(~40)>901800SOT-26
A7231A4.2 to 16PWM/PFM Sync3A500uAAdj96500SOT-26RT6224D MP1471
A7115B2.6 to 6.0PWM Sync1.5A80uAAdj(0.6~Vin)972000SOT-25 DFN6(2x2)MP2128
A7222A4.5 to 16PWM/PFM Sync2A500uAAdj96500SOT-26MP1470
A7406B4.5 to 45PWM Async600mA690uAAdj(0.795~)951600SOT-26MP2451 LM2842
A73324.2 to 30PSM Sync3A300uAAdj-500PSOP8
A7442A6.0 to 40PWM Sync4.2A470uA5.0894130PSOP8
A74254.75 to 36PWM/PSM Sync2.5A800uAAdj96500SOP8RT7272B/EUP3484A EUP3284H/SGM6132
A74664.5 to 60PWM Async1500mA730~850uAAdj90480SOT-26MP2456 MP2459
A73224.2 to 30PWM/PFM2A300uAAdj90500PSOP8
A7115C2.5 to 6.2PFM/PWM1.5A40uA0.6~5.0951500SOT-25
A7115D2.5 to 7.2PFM/PWM1.5A40uA0.6~5.0951500SOT-25
A74104.5 to 20PWM/PFM2A4100.6~18961000SOT-26
A771012 to 100PWM/PFMadj37588120SOT-25 PSOP8
A711124 to 100PWM/PFMadj371288120SOT-25 PSOP8
A772120 to 150PWM10mA150uA5 ~ 5.5-65SOT-23 SOT-25
A7222B4.2 to 18PWM/PFM Sync3.8A500uAAdj961000SOT-26MP1470H
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