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Part Number VDD (V)VIN (V)FunctionModeBW(MHz)ChannelCross Talk(dB)RON(NO) (Ω)RON(NC) (Ω)RDS(ON) (mΩ)TON (Max)TOFF (Max)Iq (uA)Current Limit-3dB Bandwidth (MHz)VOUT ESD LevelPackage TypeCross Reference
A47111.8 to 5.5-Analog SwitchSPDT3001-545.55.5-12ns5ns----SC70-6FSA3157 NLAS3157 NC7SZ157
A47121.65 to 5.5-Analog SwitchSPDT272-670.50.4-60ns20ns----CSP10MAX4684 MAX4685
A47221.8 to 4.2-Analog SwitchSPDT704-1030.50.5-52ns25ns----QFN16(3x3)FSA2469 NLAS3699
A47302.3 to 5.0-Analog SwitchDPDT7201-354.54.5-30ns25ns----TQFN10 MSOP10FSUSB30
A47322.3 to 5.0-Analog SwitchDPDT7201-354.54.5-30ns25ns----TQFN10 MSOP10FSUSB42
A47574.0 to 5.5   -Video SwitchSPDT5004-705.05.0-15ns8ns----SOP16FST3257
A4770-2.2 to 6.0Power Switch--1---100--231.3A-6kV(HBM)SOT-25 RT9701
A4771-2.4 to 5.5Load Swich--1---200--71A-4kV (HBM)SOT-25-
A4772-2.5 to 5.5Power Switch With Flag--1---80--11.5A/1A/800mA/500mA-4kV(HBM)SOT-25 RT9711
A4773-2.5 to 5.5Load Switch+Current Limit+OTP--1---95--12075mA to 1.7A-2kV (HBM)DFN6(2x2)TPS2553
A4774-2.5 to 5.5Power Switch With Flag--1---52--30Adj(0.3A~3.5A)-6kV(HBM)SOT-26-
A4775-2.0 to 5.5Load Switch +Current Limit--1---70--40Up to 3.5A-8kV (HBM)SOT-25FSA2125 RT9703
A4776-2.5 to 5.5Load Switch +Vout Limit +OTP--1---100--1501.5A-4kV (HBM)SOT-25SY6288
A4777-2.0 to 12.0Load switch delay circuit--1---300Ω--350600uA--SOT-26-
A4778-2.7 to 5.5Power Switch With Flag--1---52--301.8A/2.6A/3.1A-6kV(HBM)SOT-25 MSOP8SY6288
A4779-2.7 to 5.5Power Switch With Flag--1---100--301.6A-2kV(HBM)SOT-25-
A47813.3 to 5.5-Video Filter Driver--1--------88kV (HBM)SC70-5FMS6141
A47823.3 to 5.5-Video Filter Driver--1--------88kV (HBM)SC70-5-
A47833.3 to 5.5-Video Filter Driver--3--------88kV (HBM)SOP8FMS6143
A47863.3 to 5.5-Video Filter Driver--3--------358kV (HBM)SOP8-
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