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Part Number ChannelArchitectureSupply Voltage (V)GBP (KHz)Common-Mode
Rejection Ratio
Slew Rate (V/us)IQ /Ch (uA)Input Bias Current (pA)Input Offset Voltage
(Max) (mV)
Power Supply
Rejection Ratio
Rail to Rail
Input /Output
Package TypeCross Reference
AO13691CMOS1.4 to 5.50.0157056701382Y/YSOT-25 SC70-5OPA369 ADA4505-1 MCP6041
AO1369H1CMOS1.4 to 5.50.0157056701382Y/YSOT-26 SC70-6
AO1369L1CMOS1.4 to 5.50.0157056701382Y/YSOT-26 SC70-6
AO13171CMOS1.8 to 5.50.351100.2252010115Y/YSOT-25 SC70-5OPA317 AD8505
AO13781CMOS1.8 to 5.51.811011802030115Y/YSOT-25 SOP8OPA378 AD8628
AO13351CMOS1.8 to 5.54.51102.55002030115Y/YSOT-25 SOP8LMP2021
AO13131CMOS1.8 to 5.51700.87513.582Y/YSOT-25 SC70-5OPA313 LMV601 AD8541
AO321V1CMOS2.1 to 5.510.64013.5Y/YSOT-25LMV321
AO13161CMOS2.1 to 5.56904.247013.591Y/YSOT-25 SC70-5 SOP8
AO13761CMOS2.1 to 5.511909110013.591Y/YSOT-25 SC70-5OPA376 AD8605
AO13651CMOS2.5 to 5.58015128001880N/YSOT-25 SC70-5OPA365 AD8051
AO1365N1CMOS2.5 to 5.58015128001880N/YSOT-26 SC70-6
AO18091CMOS2.5 to 5.58023242001880N/YSOT-25 SC70-5CLC1007 AD8091
AO1809N1CMOS2.5 to 5.58023242001880N/YSOT-26 SC70-6
AO23692CMOS1.4 to 5.50.0157056701382Y/YSOP8 MSOP8OPA2379 ADA4505-2 MCP6042
AO23172CMOS1.8 to 5.50.351100.2252010115Y/YSOP8 DFN8(2x2) MSOP8OPA2317 AD8506
AO23782CMOS1.8 to 5.51.81100.951802030115Y/YSOP8 MSOP8OPA2378 AD8554
AO23352CMOS1.8 to 5.54.51102.55502030115Y/YSOP8 MSOP8LMP2022 OPA2335
AO23132CMOS1.8 to 5.51700.87513.582Y/YSOP8 MSOP8OPA2313 AD8542
AO23162CMOS2.1 to 5.56904.247013.591Y/YSOP8 MSOP8OPA2340 TSV912 AD8534
AO358V2CMOS2.1 to 5.510.64013.5Y/YSOP8LMV358
AO23762CMOS2.1 to 5.511909110013.591Y/YSOP8 MSOP8OPA2376 AD8606
AO23652CMOS2.5 to 5.58015128001880N/YSOP8 DFN8(2x2) MSOP8OPA2365 AD8052
AO2365N2CMOS2.5 to 5.58015128001880N/YMSOP10
AO28092CMOS2.5 to 5.58023242001880N/YSOP8 MSOP8CLC2007 AD8092
AO2809N2CMOS2.5 to 5.58023242001880N/YMSOP10
AO358B2differential3 to 301000900.4500450005100N/YSOP8 MSOP8LM358B
AO324B4differential3 to 301000900.4500450005100N/YSOP14LM324B
AO43174CMOS1.8 to 5.50.351100.2252010115Y/YSOP14 TSSOP14OPA4317 OPA4330 TLV2254A
AO43354CMOS1.8 to 5.54.51102.55502030115Y/YSOP14 TSSOP14
AO43784CMOS1.8 to 5.51.81100.951802030115Y/YSOP14 TSSOP14
AO43134CMOS1.8 to 5.51700.87513.582Y/YSOP14 TSSOP14OPA4313 AD8544 MCP6004
AO43764CMOS2.1 to 5.511909110013.591Y/YSOP14 TSSOP14OPA4376 AD8608
AO43164CMOS2.1 to 5.56904.247013.591Y/YSOP14 TSSOP14OPA316 AD8534
AO324V4CMOS2.1 to 5.510.64013.5Y/YSOP14LMV324
AO43654CMOS2.5 to 5.58015128001880N/YSOP14 TSSOP14OPA4354 AD8054
AO48094CMOS2.5 to 5.58023242001880N/YSOP14 TSSOP14CLC4007 AD8094
AO15211--0.5 to 7.5763 to 83360010.4 to 360 to 80Y/YSOT-25 SC70-5TLV521 (TI)
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