A7525, 600mA BOOST (STEP-UP) DC-DC Converter

A7525 is a synchronous, fixed frequency, step-up DC-DC converter Able to operate from an input voltage 1V, the device features fixed frequency, current mode PWM control for exceptional line and load regulation. It is Capable of supplying 3.3V at 100mA from a single AA cell input, the device contains an internal NMOS switch and PMOS synchronous rectifier.

A switching frequency of 1.2MHz minimizes solution footprint by allowing the use of tiny, low profile inductors and ceramic capacitors. The current mode PWM design is internally compensated, reducing external parts count.

The A7525 features continuous switching at light loads. Anti-ringing control circuitry reduces EMI concerns by damping the inductor in discontinuous mode, and the device features low shutdown current of under 1uA.

The A7525 is available in SOT-26 package.

Applications :

  • Cellular and Smart Phones
  • Microprocessors and DSP Core Supplies
  • Wireless and DSL Modems
  • MP3 Player / Digital Still and Video Cameras
  • Portable Instruments