A4051 Power management 1A Linear Li-Ion Battery Charger

We are offering A4051 Constant Current & Constant Voltage linear Charger for Single cell #Lithium-ion batteries. Charge voltage is fixed at 4.2V & Charge Current can be program externally up to 1A with a single resistor

A4051 IC automatically terminates the charge cycle when the charge current drops to 1/10th the programmed value after the final float voltage is reached. When the Wall adapter is removed, ID < 0.5µA and IC automatically enters a Low Current state.

No external sense resistor & no blocking diode is required due to the internal MOSFET architecture.

A4051 also includes Battery temperature monitor, under-voltage lockout, automatic recharge and two status pins to indicate charge and charge termination

– Cellular Telephones, PDAs, MP3 /MP4 Players
– Charging Docks and Cradles
– Bluetooth 、GPS Applications